Madita Fun Activity Chair

Madita Fun Activity Chair

Activity Seating for All. Europes most popular Activity Chair.

The Madita Fun is a hi-lo activity chair which will meet a child’s needs as they progress from their early years and throughout the school age years.

The Madita Fun is a customisable home and school activity chair with a full range of posture and positioning options available across 4 sizes, all the elements you would expect from a leading seating solution.

The Benefits:
  • Hi-Lo Base – A compact and sturdy base that can be hydraulically or electrically powered. Supports the transition from a low transfer height to higher counter tops.
  • Full Adjustable Seating Position – The seat is fully adjustable in depth, width and height. Seating angle and full tilt-in space are standard features.
  • Full Range of Postural Supports – Supports including headrests, laterals, hip guides, foot support, trays and harnesses.

Accessories & Add-ons

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