The sturdy, easily adjustable table for everywhere.

Tables are an essential part of every room, but every room is different! Multi-tables are versatile and modular allowing you to design, combine, and reconfigure easily to suit any layout and activity.

A variety of tabletop shapes available, for practical use and space-efficient options. Combine multiple shapes to accommodate all your activities. Multi-tables are sturdy and light, easy to clean and laminated on both sides with heat sealed edges to prevent warping.

Features & Benefits:
  • Tool-free height adjustment, adjustable in 1” increments.
  • Table legs positioned for maximum stability and wheelchair accessibility.
  • Laminate is waterproofed with heat-sealed edging.
  • Compact storage and stackable (3 high), legs quickly unscrew (tool-free) and clip underneath.
  • Lightweight with non-slip feet.

Accessories & Add-ons


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