Combi Toileting Chair

Combi Toileting Chair

Everyday toileting.

The Combi Toileting Chair is a great starter seat.  Its design enables the dual use of a supportive chair whilst at the same time providing numerous features to assist your child with everyday toileting needs.

The Combi design also features an interchangeable potty for younger children.  This can easily be removed to provide a commode seat for children who have progressed with their toilet training.  The chairs adaptability means that it will develop with your child removing the need for two separate toileting seats.

The Benefits:
  • Fixed or height adjustable arm rests.
  • Plastic childrens commode seat and pot.
  • Moulded potty seat.
  • Adjustable seat height and depth.
  • Frame has anti-microbial properties that ensure surfaces are kept hygienic.

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