Marcy Anterior Walker

Marcy Anterior Walker

Easy Moving.

The Marcy Anterior Walker is a versatile walker which can accommodate children as young as 1 year old.  Available in four sizes with different colour options to suit your child needs.

The lightweight frame design with adjustable handles and grips support a childs posture.  This coupled with the adjustable wheelbase length (telescopic) provides extra stability.

The many options available for the management of posture and arm/hand positioning ensure the Marcy is suitable for a wide range users.

The easy-fold base frame allows problem-free storage and transport in the smallest of spaces.

The Benefits:
  • The handles can be adapted in height and width.
  • Extra stability: Three dimensionally-adjustable forearm supports stabilise the gait.
  • Extra safety: Friction brakes on the rear wheels slow down the speed; the optional parking handbrake gives more control – also in combination with the lower armrests.
  • Improved directional stability: Direction locks for the front wheels.
  • Easy transfer and extra mobility: Durable PU tyres and adjustable wheelbase.
  • More variety: The storage basket provides space for toys or drinks.
  • Simple transport: The aluminium frame is highly compact; sizes 2+3 can be folded.

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