Madita Fun Mini

Madita Fun Mini

Activity seating for the early years.

The Madita Fun Mini is a customisable home and pre-school activity chair with a full range of posture and positioning options, all the elements you would expect from a leading seating solution.

This hi-lo activity chair meets a child’s needs as they progress through their youngest years. With a comfortable seat that can be easily adjusted in height to allow for low level play, as well as tabletop activities, at the same level as friends and family.

The Benefits:
  • For very young or small children, up to 20kg.
  • The seat ensures optimum development of the hip joint.
  • The seat height can be adjusted with the aid of a gas pressure spring.
  • Seat depth from 12 to 19 cm; armrests can be adjusted in height and width.
  • For a stable and upright sitting position, a variety of harnesses are available.
  • Choice between a standard seat pad, a pad with anatomic leg guidance or a dysplasia seat.
  • Lateral support, padded foot support.
  • Headrest available in a three-dimensionally adjustable or height adjustable version.

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