Prone Stander

Prone Stander

Standing tall.

The Prone Stander allows for physical development and greater social interaction – enabling users to experience the world more fully while building strength for the future. The Prone Stander provides anterior support and stability while encouraging weight-bearing and use of both hands and arms. Fully adjustable, the Prone Stander can “grow” with clients as their skills develop.

The physiological benefits of standing are enormous – not to mention the psychological benefits of being able to tackle activities in an upright position, participating at eye level alongside peers.

The Benefits:
  • Adjustments are easy to make.
  • Optional accessories enable therapists to customise the supports to a individual’s needs.
  • Calibrated angle adjustment positions the user from 0 to 85°.
  • When vertical, the Prone Stander’s footboard is almost at floor level, making transfers easy.

Accessories & Add-ons

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