The Support Station

The Support Station

The upright changing table.

The Support Station brings new dignity, convenience and possibilities to hygiene care.

Its unique features enable even partially weight-bearing individuals to be cared for and changed in an upright position, eliminating heavy lifting on the part of the caregiver.

The Support Station can alleviate or overcome the many difficulties presented in hygiene care or in the bathroom environment.  Its frame and upholstery include antimicrobial materials and are designed for thorough and easy cleaning.

The Benefits:
  • Greater independence and dignity by ending horizontal care and changing.
  • Faster than horizontal changing.
  • Eliminating transfers to a mat or changing table.
  • Fully adjustable for patients of differing sizes and weight-bearing ability.
  • Improved weight-bearing and motor skills.
  • Stand-alone or as a pivoting transfer aid to a stationary toilet.
  • Designed for easy and thorough cleaning.
  • Folds up flat to the wall for out-of-the-way storage.

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